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VT ASCA Model and the Role of the School Counselor Ad-Hoc Committee

Starting in January 2021, This committee will work towards the following four goals:

Goal: To develop a statewide model using the ASCA national standards as our framework, built upon the specific needs of our Vermont students. including a definition of the roles and responsibilities of a school counselor

Goal: To have the VT Agency of Education adopt/ endorse the School Counseling model, in order to solidify our role and scale professional expectations throughout the state of Vermont.

Goal: To advocate for a consistent role of the school counselor through various avenues of advocacy (e.g., legislature, AOE, Chamber of Commerce, Dept. of Labor, training for VPA and VSA members)

Goal: To ensure equity of school counseling curriculum and resources for all VT students and families


The ultimate goal of a comprehensive school counseling model is student success. The model’s design, delivery and content are dedicated to enhancing the ability of all students to fully utilize the education opportunities available to them. The program is delivered through direct and indirect services designed to address three domains of student development: academic, personal/social and career following the American School Counseling Association’s National Standards (Mindsets and Behaviors).

The challenges of today’s society call for school counselors to move towards proactive and progressive approaches. The developmental counseling approach is proactive and encompasses and integrates prevention, remediation and crisis intervention methods to meet the needs of all students.

Using a comprehensive model is proactive to the changing needs of school counseling in Vermont. The world has gone through many changes which have had a direct impact upon the work of school counselors. State and federal legislation has had great effect upon the academic domain. The technological explosion and globalization of the internet have added new meaning to career and post-high school planning. Perhaps the greatest impact of all has been in the social/emotional domain. Violence in urban settings, tragedies such as Columbine, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Virginia Tech, Newtown, Northern University and now COVID-19, have touched the lives and hearts of all Americans, Vermonters and our students.

It is imperative that every VT school employ licensed school counselors, who are available to assist all students in successfully navigating their academic experiences, assisting them in making informed decisions concerning their career paths and supporting them as they learn to explore, understand and manage their social/emotional development.

It is also imperative that school administrators, teachers and parents understand that schools counselors are vital members of the education team and a valuable resource as both a conduit between the school and community and an important leadership team member within the school.

Time commitment: Weekly or biweekly meetings with homework assignments. Time commitment may be up to three hours per week to complete the project.

Focus groups: We will ask task force members to assist with facilitating three statewide focus groups. We want feedback/input from all VT school counselors and will share this work with our colleagues prior to the final draft.

Vermont School Counselors Association - PMB 301 150 Dorset Street  - South Burlington, VT 05403

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