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SECTION 4: Assess

Classroom & Small Group Data

Collecting data through the use of pre and post assessments on both small groups and classroom lessons and interventions is a valuable way for school counselors to evaluate the effectiveness of different aspects of their Service. For data analysis of classroom and small groups the Classroom and Group Mindsets and Behaviors Results Report can be utilized. The report will organize and report results of classroom and small group lessons. It is recommended that school counselors implement classroom curriculums that are evidence and/or researched based (ASCA National Model 4th ed, pg 90). 

Questions that can be used to analyze classroom and small group data: 


  • Did the standard selected match the lesson topic? 
  • Did the lesson content match the selected standard and skill? 
  • Did the length of the lesson allow time for the content to be covered? 
  • How did the lessons support the desired change? 

Small Group

  • How was data used to identify the topic for the group? 
  • How was data used to identify students who were selected for the group? 
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