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SECTION 4: Assess

School Counselor Assessment & Appraisal

School counselors self-assess their own mindsets and behavior to inform their professional development as well as participate in an annual school counselor performance appraisal with a qualified administrator. School counselors are evaluated using an evaluation process that is specifically for school counselors and reflects the scope and practice of their work. The evaluation process is relevant to the school counselor so their professional growth and development will be enhanced by the evaluation. They are not evaluated using a teacher evaluation instrument. The school counselor assessment and appraisal Service is based directly on the school counselor job description and should have two parts: formative (on‐going) and summative (end) evaluations. The ASCA School Counselor Performance Appraisal identifies the performance areas to be supervised and evaluated in observable and measurable terms. The usefulness of this type of evaluation goes beyond judging past performance. It focuses on actual performance/accomplishments during the evaluation period and it is improvement oriented, it targets future directions and goals. 

The Vermont Comprehensive School Counseling Service Model recommends using the resources to guide assessment and appraisal: 

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