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SECTION 2: Manage

Benefits for Stakeholders

When comprehensive school counseling services are fully implemented in local school district/supervisory unions using the VTCSCP model as a guide, many benefits can occur. 

Benefits for Students & Families 

  • Focuses on all students 
  • Enhances academic, career and social emotional development 
  • Centers on students’ needs 
  • Seeks students’ and families input 
  • Encourages more interaction among students & families 
  • Provides a developmental and preventative focus 
  • Increases knowledge of self and others 
  • Enhances life coping skills 
  • Develops decision-making skills 
  • Increases opportunities for school counselor‐student interaction 
  • Develops a system of long‐range planning 

Benefits for School Counselors, Teachers, Administrators, Agency of Education & Local School Boards 

  • Places school counseling in the mainstream of the total educational system 
  • Contributes to a team effort to enhance students’ academic, career and social/emotional development 
  • Provides relevant curriculum and a clearly designed structure using school counseling standards 
  • Establishes the school counselor as a resource/consultant 
  • Encourages teachers’ input into the delivery of the comprehensive school counseling Service 
  • Encourages positive, collaborative working relationships 
  • Defines the role of school counselors as educators 
  • Provides ongoing evaluation data concerning the full implementation of the Service, the work of school counselors within the Service, and the attainment of relevant school counseling student outcomes 

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