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SECTION 4: Assess

Closing the Gap Action Plans

When data identifies discrepancies between students’ needs and achievement as well as inequities between student groups, closing-the-gap action plans can be used to address these discrepancies. Each plan contains answers to the following two questions: Why is this mindset/behavior being addressed? What data drives the need for the activity? These plans contain:

  • Data that drives the decision to correlate with an outcome 
  • Domain and standard to be addressed: academic, personal/social-emotional, and career development
  • Standards addressed 
  • Description of actual school counseling activity the school counselor or school counseling team will ensure occurs 
  • Title of any packaged or created curriculum that may be used 
  • Timeline for completion of activity 
  • Name of individual responsible for delivery 
  • Means of collecting perception data 
  • Expected outcome data. 
ASCA Closing-the-GAP Action Plan & Results Report 
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