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SECTION 2: Manage

Vision & Mission Statement


The school counseling Service vision statement shares the outcomes school counselors hope to see for their students in the future as a result of the school counseling Service. 

Development of a vision statement:

  • Creates a clear picture of success for all students 
  • Describes the future world where student outcomes are successfully achieved 
  • States the outcomes desired for all students that are 5 to 15 years away 
  • Aligns with the school and district vision statement 
  • Complies with any applicable State and Federal laws 

(Source: ASCA National Model, 4th ed., p. 30) 


The mission statement provides the foundation for achieving the vision. In other words, the mission statement is a tool that communicates to all stakeholders the overall purpose of the school counseling Service. 

Development of a mission statement:

  • Creates a clear focus for the school counseling Service to reach the vision 
  • Describes the school counseling Service’s overarching focus or purpose 
  • Aligns with the school’s mission statement and may show linkage to district and state department of education mission statements
  • Emphasizes equity, access and success for every student 
  • Indicate the long-range results desired for all students 

(Source: ASCA National Model 4th edit. p 31) 

Mission statement samples can be found in the ASCA National Model Implementation Guide.

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