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Vermont Implementation System

A challenge that many district/supervisory unions face when considering implementing comprehensive school counseling Services is how to make the transition from their current organizational structure for school counseling to a comprehensive school counseling Service based on the Vermont Comprehensive School Counseling Service (VTCSCP). This section of the manual describes the five phases of change that enable school district/supervisory unions to manage the transition to a fully implemented district/supervisory union comprehensive school counseling Service. The five phases of the transition process are: planning, designing, implementing, evaluating, and enhancing. 

Transition Process Phases 


This involves getting organized and obtaining the commitment of the school board, administrators, and school counselors. It also involves forming an advisory council, as well as conducting a thorough assessment of the district/supervisory union’s current school counseling activities, services and needs. 


A comprehensive school counseling Service tailored specifically for the district/supervisory union is designed and includes an implementation plan to put the Service into operation. 


Implementation involves gaining adoption of the Service by the school board and removing non‐school counseling tasks from school counselors’ duties so the expectations of the district/supervisory union’s comprehensive school counseling Service can be met. 


Evaluation focuses on assessing the Service, personnel and analyzing the results of the building/district/supervisory union assessments as compared to the VTCSCP model recommendations. 


Data is used to guide the improvement and enhancement of the district/supervisory union’s comprehensive school counseling Service. 


Planning begins with the decision to develop and implement a comprehensive school counseling Service. Once this decision is made, it is key to gain the school board’s and the district/supervisory union administrators’ support and authorization to develop and implement the district/supervisory union’s comprehensive school counseling Service 

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