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Involving Stakeholders

It is important to maintain student, administrator, teacher, parent, student and community involvement throughout each phase of the district/supervisory union’s transition to a fully implemented comprehensive school counseling Service. Stakeholder involvement translates into a sense of ownership and greater credibility for the Service. The following list describes ways to involve others: 

  • Plan ways to get the input of individuals and groups of students who represent the diversity of the district/supervisory union community. 
  • Administer a student needs assessment (Service Planning Survey). 
  • Develop a communication system for stakeholders. (e.g., weekly bulletins, systematically meeting on a regular basis). 
  • Survey teachers to identify needed professional development to prepare them for their involvement in the district/supervisory union’s comprehensive school counseling Service. 
  • Invite stakeholder groups to attend the board presentation to demonstrate support for the Service. 
  • Discuss the results of the assessment of the current Service with stakeholders. 
  • Consider holding discussion groups or evening meetings. 
  • Provide time for parents/guardians to share information about their expertise/special interests. 
  • Talk with employers about the district/supervisory union’s school counseling Service, and seek their support and involvement. 
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