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SECTION 2: Manage


Calendars are used to plan and document not only student access and participation levels, but also the time school counselors spend on direct and indirect tiered activities and services for all students. The allocation of time for each Service component varies according to student needs identified in data, the developmental needs of students and the level of resources and Service support. 

Annual Calendar

The annual calendar is developed and published to document and promote components of the school counseling Service. The calendar is a tool that promotes students’ access to services by increasing awareness of school counseling activities. The calendar is organized by grade level and highlights services, activities, and events in the academic, career and social emotional domains such as classes/seminars, wellness days, career Services and financial aid workshops, etc. The calendar is featured in several prominent places such as school bulletin boards, the Service of studies, learning management systems (LMS) and the school website. The annual calendar for a school year is completed and published prior to the start of the school year. (Source: ASCA National Model, 4th Edit. p.68)

  • Department and Individual Planning Calendar: Department calendars are action plan guides for planning and preparing for department activities and Services. Individual planning calendars are completed by each school counselor, listing lessons, individual and small group meetings,and school support efforts. School counselors use individual planning calendars, reports and logs for planning and documentation. 
  • School Counseling Record Keeping System: The department and each school counselor have a protocol and system for recording, storing, categorizing and retrieving records such as: school counseling logs, contact information, sign-in sheets, permission slips and meeting agendas. 

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